Does Your Pooch Have Psychic Powers?

September 5, 2017


Do you ever feel like your dog is reading your mind?  Or that they can tell when you’re stressed or sad by coming to cuddle with you?  Have you ever been told by a family member that your dog was already getting excited several minutes before you arrived home?  Dogs are actually known for having a few pretty concrete examples of what you could technically consider “psychic” abilities…




All over the world, there have been written accounts by human beings that observed massive evacuations of dogs right before a tragic earthquake.  It is a fact that most animals have a more keen sense than we humans do, which enables them to hear, smell, and see in ways that we cannot.  It is possible that certain animals have such great hearing that they can hear the rocks and crust of the Earth crumbling underground before the earthquake.  Other scientists propose that maybe these animals can feel a difference in electric charges that humans can’t detect without computer programs.




Maybe our pets should be meteorologists – they would probably be more accurate than us humans!  Apparently the same phenomena that help animals anticipate earthquakes also comes into play when storms are rolling in.  Matter of fact, it is not uncommon at all to have a pet acting strangely, whining, crying, panting – only to have the sky explode into a thunderstorm.




Therapy dogs are becoming more commonplace nowadays due to their increasing well known effectiveness in aiding humans.  Two very common afflictions that benefit from canine companions are epilepsy and diabetes, with the dog specially trained to alert its owner if they are about to have a seizure, or if their blood sugar is dangerously low.  Recently it has been found that dogs can sense cancer in their owners, which could prove to be an important preventative factor.  There are numerous accounts of owners reporting that their pet had licked or sniffed certain areas repeatedly for seemingly no reason – only to find later on that cancerous tissue existed in that area.  Why can dogs sense these changes in our health?  Scientists say that due to the chemical differences in smell, taste, & perhaps electrical signal produced by the body’s ailment, our pets can pick up on these subtle changes and alert us to them. 


As more people explore the abilities of therapy dogs and companion animals in general, we will undoubtedly become enlightened to many other way that our pets can aid us in our health, safety, & emotional well-being!



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