Diary Of A Dog Walker - Volume I

January 1, 2018




Puppy, oh joyous puppy!!!  We got the absolute luxury of caring for an eight week old golden doodle puppy,  Murphy, this year. It's an honor and a privilege when we get to step in at the beginning and care for a puppy into its adulthood.  There is puppy breath and nibbles, fluffy hair and soft, smooshy bodies that turn into muscles, with unbridled innocence and puddles of love - those are the moments when you pinch yourself that you get paid to do this!!!  However, when it's triple digit heat in the middle of August & you're out walking, you are reminded quickly why you get paid (not volunteer) for this job. Before Murphy was allowed to go on walks, we played together in the back yard, we did our best to keep him away from all the bark and sticks he found in the yard and wanted to eat, he gobbled up his morning or afternoon snack and got down to the business at hand of learning to do his #1's & #2's outside.  As he's gotten older, we've been able to walk him - but by walking, I mean maybe one house past his own - that's because when you're a puppy, you have the attention span of a gnat and don't get very far until you're distracted yet again.  




Yippee for a new addition to the family that is also a rescue!  One of our long standing clients added a German Shepherd rescue, Grace, to her household making her other rescue, Kennedy, a sibling this past year.  Dogs are like people in that they all have different personalities - a common question that people ask us dog walkers/pet sitters is what is our favorite breed?  Honestly, that's impossible to answer as they are all so different. It has less to do with the breed and more to do with the individual personality of each pet we care for.  When I first met Grace, her incredibly calm demeanor and kind eyes immediately made me think, old soul.  She is a welcome addition for Kennedy and they seem to get along well.  Keeping their distance at home, but walking well together and slowly but surely forming a bond.  In my experience, it takes dogs months to up to a year to really trust, enjoy, and play with a new addition to the pack.  And, I respect that process.  Most dogs have their quirks which you learn in time.... Kennedy's is that she does not like the sound of large trucks - or sometimes even small trucks.  They really spook her.  I'm not a fan of the noise those trucks make either, but I can forget her concern while walking until she jumps and the hair on her back sticks up on end - I'm then reminded of her fear & we stop to comfort her.  She is also one of the many dogs that kicks her back feet (and the accompanying grass) after her #2.  Why must so many dogs do that?  (clearly another blog post to ponder).  And, I'm always entertained by those dogs who must walk and do their #2's - why not just stay in one place to do your business??  And, while I'm on a roll here, #dogwalkingcomplaints - why not just add another - why must some dogs take off after their #2 while us dog walkers' are trying to clean up after them - the least they can do while you're picking up their #2's is be patient and not pull you away...  Hahaha, a dog walker can only dream :)



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