Diary of a Dog Walker - Volume 2

January 16, 2019





Most dogs give us dog walkers' at Paws & Whiskers Dog Walking & Pet Sitting a huge welcome - this is not too surprising - after all, they know that they are gonna get to go on a walk first, get some love and attention, and assuming they are allowed, some treats to follow...  However, Maddox (a medium sized black rescue mutt) is on most occasions, not particularly happy to see us.  His sister, RG, (by family, not blood, a small Chihuahua mix) is always sure to give us a warm welcome.  She is completely food driven and is thrilled at our entrance as it not only means a walk, but more importantly to her, some treats when we return home. Maddox can sometimes be persuaded to get out of bed to get his walk on or sometimes its just necessary to go retrieve him begrudgingly.  Once on the walk, he is good to go & seemingly happy to do so.  Not sure what causes his initial reluctance, (other than being happily ensconced in bed), but for the nine plus years that we've been walking him, this is how it's been.  Should his Mom ever be home when we arrive, he acts ecstatic to see us - ha, what an actor!  Both him and RG are well behaved on their walks, knowing that this is their opportunity to get their business done. RG is a little vacuum and since our walk passes several eateries, it's a full time job to ensure that she doesn't pick up any left over chicken bones or donut holes - I learned my lesson with her - she is fast, small & at street level - I am no match for her nose or speed.  It's important for us always to be watching ahead at all times.  Once we wrap up our walk and get back home, it's time to leave our daily note and give treats.  Maddox has a health condition so the owner needs a report on the health of his #2 - yup, these are the details a pet dog walker must tend to and be watching for!

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