How Paws & Whiskers Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Handles Pet Emergencies!

July 16, 2019

Paws & Whiskers Dog Walking & Pet Sitting has been in business for over 10 years now and thankfully and luckily has only dealt with a few major emergencies.  Dog walking and pet sitting may seem like low key jobs; but when you are dealing with beings, we have learned that anything and just about everything can and will happen.  We have learned to divert other dog attacks simply by changing course or yelling in a firm tone to "stay away" for our safety and of course for the beloved dogs we are walking or caring for.  


However, there have been instances in which the charging dog broke loose from its leash/collar, where mace sprayed in the eyes of the attacking dog only provoked him further, or where the other dog's handler simply could not hold them back.  These dogs should have been walked with someone more experienced or with a muzzle on.  Both attacks on the dogs we were walking, one being a Dalmation, the other being a Doberman were taken directly to the Veterinarian we have on file with the owner's permission by phone (and with a Veterinarian Authorization previously signed by the owner).  Both also resulted in many stitches, but with time & healing, dogs that were happy, healthy, and back to their regular routine.

We have had dogs that have gone into congestive heart failure and even an immediate car ride to an Emergency Hospital could not save their lives.  We were in touch with the owner throughout that delicate time to aid the pet as much as possible and support the owner in making the best decision when they are away from their furry friend and under great duress.  We've also had more minor occurrences, for instance, where a dog accidentally cut herself on an iron gate and sliced open her lower stomach - a call to the owner and an immediate trip to the Vet for stitches and antibiotics ensued.  


This is why we always get a Veterinary Authorization signed at our Meet & Greet with all clients.  We want to make sure that we have all the accurate information at the ready should there be a freak accident or major emergency.  Even though we have the Vet Auth signed and at the ready, we always call the client at the onset of an issue of any kind so they can be in on the decision making progress for their pet!  We appreciate the opportunity to care for & walk your pet and take the utmost safety & care in mind.




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